Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Last Day In Oregon

Today was my last day in Oregon... So instead of packing all day, I decided to go Hiking with all the roomies and set up a few features, since I cannot afford a season pass. We had WAY too much fun, and I learned a few tricks. Unfortunately Jo sucks at taking pictures!!! GAH JO!!! We set up a down corrigated barrel with a lip on both sides and a lip in the middle - people were throwing down! When then set up a pole jam that had a decent landing - super gnar! Adrianne was throwing down front ones. to fakie nose taps, to front ones out! And Andrew was throwing One footer Taps onto the pole jam - LEGIT! Then Max and and Derek set up a BOOOSTER jump that was practically vertical, and had fun spinning to win off that! Here are some Photos!

well her are some of the pics

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