Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day Four - LA

Another BEAUTIFUL day in my home city.
Saw even more of my family, great time! had lunch at my Mother and Father in laws house.
Then I read the newspaper and read about the earthquake in Chile. So I decided to go check out the waves to see if it had a big impact on them = indeed it did!
At Ave H. the waves were double over head (12 feet). The sets were even bigger! I would have paddled out if it hadn't rained the day prior, and if it wasn't walled up.

If you dont know... when it rains in SoCal, the sewage runs out into the water, so when it rains... everything on the streets goes straight out into the ocean due to the running water. So if you surf during a storm you need to have many many shots to prevent getting disease's. I decided not to get one so I did not paddle out.

Went to Hag's and Lunada Bay just to see how the waves were - INSANE! But no one was out so there for they must have not been that great!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

"I am not an old fart... I produce new farts daily." LA Day # 3

Today was another awesome day!
Last night I went over to hang out with some old friends and play some beer pong, smoke some hookah, and play some street fighter. IT WAS PRETTY RAD! saw some really old friends, I have not seen since highschool graduation!

Today my parents woke me from a slumber to take me out to breakfast. We then went to Farmers Market where it was dumping rain, and there was a man playing steel drums, if I had a cup of coffee with me.. I would have danced, but my mental state was not there yet.

Sammy then joined me at my house and we went to Panera Bread ONCE AGAIN! (I am eating there as much as possible while I can!) After lunch we went to Del Amo mall to get me some jeans. Had a great time , saw EVEN more old friends and caught up.

Then went out to dinner at Black Angus with my family. My aunt and uncle decided to drive in from Arizona for the dedication tomorrow so got to catch up with them and watch them get a little drunk off a bottle of wine.

Then spent the few remaining hours at my sisters house playing with my super cute niece's! IT WAS A FUCKING GREAT DAY!

Fat Fred is a pervert!
I went to Andrews last night and found his cat... His cat is awesome... but this is obvious.

This cat is SOOOO FAT. My side literally split in half when I saw him, just from laughing.

I was walking through the mall and found out how some families are dealing with this economy. Instead of dropping the money on a stroller, why not use a shopping cart?
(Look at the baby's confused face just staring at me...)

In Urban outfitters I found many wonderful books. This is a page from one of them. The book was entitled "Drunk People Say Things." I like this book. Please on my next Birthday (July 8th) Please buy me this book! This is a picture of the page because I read it and LOVED IT!!

Here is another page from a book I found in UO. It was called "Constructive Cursing" I don't want this book... I NEED IT! you can flip both sides of the note cards to match them up with different curse words. Needless to say, I spent about 15 minutes doing this by myself, laughing very creepily to myself in the center of the store while Sammy just sat and read books.

Why Not?

This pretty much sums up everything...

If you give me something that is perverted and can describe a penis... why the hell would I not stick it by my crouch and take a picture? Isn't that obviously my style?

In Beyound the Beach, Sammy found these AWESOME purple jeans on sale for $15 bucks! I fucking LOVED THEM, but I could not afford them, so I made her try them on...

Awesome Green ones ...

Ellianna and Heather playing with beanies...

Mother and daughter

This picture is really blurry - sorry. But it is awesome cuz Elli decided to snag Quinn's passy and just suck on it.. This is a battle photo.

Friday, February 26, 2010

LA day # 2! Gaper Hunt - Big Bear Edition!

It has been a while since I have had any quality time with my Dad, and an even longer time since he and I decided to swing up to Big Bear together. We used to ski and snowboard together once or twice a week. That ended when I got my license and went 4 days week by myself.

I forgot about Big Bear... I don't mean that as in I forgot it's existence, I mean that as in I forgot why I choose to get the hell out of there! Yes Big Bear is great fun, when you are with a BIG crew of friends. There is a crap ton of features, and crazy ones at that, but they are all sketchy as shit! Also everyone in BroCal SoCal has the worst attitude towards everyone and everything! It is snowboarding "Brah" have some fucking fun, relax and go listen to fitty cent!

My second run I almost got in a fight and slipped out on the texas rail, almost breaking my wrist.. GOOD TIMES!

Also I rode in my usual crap for up north... Jeans, hoodie and a flannel which had my dream catcher hanging off... so I looked like a tight pants wearing gypsy. Needless to say... lots of Gangstas were a little upset! I forgot about the battle between tight pants kids and Baggy pants kids down there! Up in Tahoe we all get a long!

I got to see GABY YAY GABY! She hooked me up with SUPER CHEAP FOOD! YAY FOOD!

Finally we decided to go home, after my dad took a bad fall in the slushy slush in the half pipe (he doesn't ride pipe, he was watching me...)

As we were sitting in traffic, I decided to play him "Why would anyone want to live here?" by Death Cab... I thought it was epic sitting in traffic and listening to lyrics such as "the traffic is always creeping"

In all and all it was a GREAT day! My dad and I had a few interesting and also confusing conversations... hes an engineer so he says a lot of shit I don't understand unless he dulls it down to an idiots language!

6 AM drive at sunrise

More snow then usual! It has been a good year!

Baldwin Lake completely filled and frozen! That never happens!

The first view of the set up!

The view of Cajon/Mt.High/and My Pop's head!

Gaper Hunt Bear Edition : Wiglets

Gaper Hunt Bear Edition : Wanna Be Rasta

Gaper Hunt Bear Edition : One piece!

View of Big Bear Lake

Last run view! Fairwell Big Bear.

Cajon Pass with a good amount of snow!

And why not... a shot of traffic! Gotta Love LA

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Traffic is always creeping, even when the population is sleeping

Death Cab said it right...

I am in LA visiting my family and friends for the next few days. It has been really amazing seeing all of my family!

My new born niece; Quinn! She is sooo cute!
and also to see Elianna, my other niece.

I flew in today from Reno into LAX. It was literally the best flight I have EVER had! In a BRAND NEW plane, that was painted lime green (my fav. color) but no one sat next to me! Also there was not a single screaming child on the plane.. Isn't it a law that there has to be one screaming child on a flight, and you always have to sit next to the rudest and fattest person on the flight?

When I landed in LA I was picked up by my wonderful mother and then taken to get my rental car for the weekend. I found out not only was I taller than the car, but if I lay down flat I AM LONGER THAN THE CAR! talk about a CLOWN CAR! HAHA. Went out to Panera Bread with my mom and took some to my sisters house to eat it and meet my niece!

Then I decided to go surfing with my old bud Carl and Derek. The waves sucked ass, super ripped and super walled, but it was nice to get out into the ocean!

Now going out to The Olive Garden with my entire family and then going to drive to Big Bear tomorrow for some so cal shred!

Monday, February 22, 2010


My sister just recently had her second daughter, born in January! YAY congrats Heather and Kellen! Since I am "Uncle Davey" I will be flying down to meet the little booger! I am flying down for a total of 5 days. I will be flying down Feb 25th , Thursday and flying back on the first of march! So lets make sure to meet up and catch up!

Also to all of my home Mountain kids (Bear!) I will be riding all day and all night on Friday, so make sure you head up for the day to take some hot laps with me!

Look forward to seeing my family and old friends!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Douche Bag Hunting! # 1

Today I had another revolutionary great idea! This idea was born due to a dbag. Hence the new hunting = Douche bag hunting. Same idea as gaper hunting but with douche bag's. Yes most gapers are douche bags but this hunt is for the ultimate douche.

Yesterday a customer blamed me for his fart while I was ringing him up for a simple bandanna. As I was ringing him up I smelt an awful smell! I immediately knew that this man farted. I decided to ignore the horrible deadly smell out of respect for him, BAD IDEA! He decided to walk away about 5 feet and blame me for his flatulence. I was stumped because he was making a scene in front of everyone in the store. DOUCHEBAG number one!!

Today as I was talking to an old classmate answering some questions about the the store, her boyfriend walks in does a few double takes on me and gives me a mean stare down. He then introduced himself. "Hey my name is (generic tool name)... This is MY GIRLFRIEND." Well found Douchebag number 2!


Friday, February 19, 2010

It is Official

All BANKS suck!! Liars! you big jerks can't lie your way to being rich

Gaper Hunt # 2!

Today was a Friday during President's week! So it was pretty much nuts and full of gapers, here are the ones I remembered to take a picture of:

"Mooooo" - Need I say more?

A giant group of kids that had taken over the entire walkway!

This hat was amazing!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Gaper Hunt # 1

So with today being Presidents Day, and it being one of the most crowded weekends at Northstar, I was just walking to work and People Watching, and I saw a giant gaper, and an amazing idea just clicked in my head.

- I am going to start a gaper hunt! Each day I will hunt for the gapiest of all gapers at Northstar, and snap a picture for proof.

I will have numerous installments of Gaper Hunting!

Since I am so late in the season and have already seen sooo many gapers already this year, I will post photos that I have taken from the beginning of the season until now!

-I saw this guy a few weeks ago, bright and early! The best part about this guy was his NEON orange helmet that had a Giant Smiley face on the back of it! Made my day

-This guy I saw today bright and early! He was Practically sprinting through the village! I really wish there was a guy in a Lion costume running with him.

This kids obviously isnt a gaper, but when I saw this kid walk by BBOX today I had to run out and snap a shot. This kid is maybe 5 or 6 and he is wearing a jacket that would fit my skinny ass!

Tight Pants!

Nate Holland is a hater of Tight Pants wearing snowboarders!
I think Nate Holland is an ignorant idiot, and should grow up and learn a important saying - that being "To Each their Own."

Live life happily whether or not people around you wear tight pants, or baggy pants... they are pants.