Monday, August 17, 2009


Check out this! Danny Kass and Louie Vito got arrested for weed in New Zealand! Lets see if this has as much of an impact on the media as Micheal Phelps had.

Music - more than just noise

Tonight I was just sitting in my room and I came across my old bands myspace. Last year when I moved to Truckee, the band basically fell apart. Anyway, I came across our old myspace and found that Johnny had remastered a few of our songs. I gave them a listen, even though I hate listening to my own music that I have wrote with my friends. However as I was listening to these songs that I and my friends had spent many long hours piecing together, and the many crazy and fun experiences we had as a band. Good and Bad. Each second that the songs played, I could remember all the emotions I had went through in not only writing the songs, but in EVERY SINGLE show we played, from Hollywood, to our friends backyards. THREE YEARS! of playing my heart out, breaking bones (literally) and finding closure in my lyrics and our songs.
Still to this day, some people dont understand my connection with music and how it has literally kept me alive through out my life. It has kept me positive and kept me moving forward. Also people tend to hate on Screaming in music, but there is an old fashioned saying "Let it out, If you hold in your emotions, you're going to explode." Thats all screaming is, and if you can find a way to put it to music and make it sound good, crazy, fast, heavy, melodic, WHATEVER, then power to you.

MUSIC IS LIFE, no matter how it sounds!

check out my old band which has made me the Positive Pete I am today.

P.S. if you like what you hear, we have a 9 song CD, we recorded by ourselves right before I moved to Truckee, for only 5 bucks, just contact me or anyone.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Catch and Release

We went fishing today at Donner Lake. We ended up catching a very very rare and giant fish. The fish was so giant we felt bad about taking it home to eat it. So we set it free to live yet another day. After setting the giant fish free we decided to grill some burgers.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Margarita and Dinner Party

Last night was Scott Olson's last night in Truckee, before he heads back to the Midwest. We decided to go buy Margarita's, some 12 Racks, and some food for a Mexican Fiesta. Some where along the way, we all got dressed up in fancy clothes. Then shortly after that we started pulling out Halloween costumes. This is what happened:

Turn That Shit Off from dwesleymann on Vimeo.

Penguin Stuff from dwesleymann on Vimeo.