Sunday, November 8, 2009

Food For Thought!

A Pooper Scooper, one of the more sanitary inventions by modern man. Well imagine if it was never invented? Sure we could just use plastic bags to pick up Dog shit, But what is the fun in that? No matter how many plastic bags you use, you always feel like you need to wash your hand after-wards regardless.

The Pooper Scooper, NOT ONLY a clever name, but a great invention!

HOWEVER! Imagine trying to use a Pooper Scooper in SPACE!??!?!?!


Thank god for gravity, or else the Pooper Scooper would be worthless...
Thank god for this man :

The Original scooper:

Now a Plethora of New Pooper Scooper idea's!:

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Last night was pretty damn rad! As I said before, The Private Dancer's, and the Misfritz were playing at Past Times. It was AMAZING!

I got off work and headed home, called Andy and he came over with a bottle of Mount Gay Rum, and a Red Barron Pizza. Ate that and had a few drinks. Then decided to walk downtown.

The show was nuts, wayyyyyy too many people were there, and wayyyyy too much good loud music. Kari told me today that I knocked her over in the pit and didn't even try to help her up. I denied it at first mainly because I didn't remember it was loud and crowded, fuck. Well I logged into facebook today and I found this picture that I was tagged in, and if you look closely enough, you can see Kari in her Yoshi costume just sitting on the ground.

SORRY KARI!!!! <33