Wednesday, July 1, 2009

LA Living

So I have been back in my home town of Torrance (south LA) for about a week now. Things are going smooth. I have a job again, not pulling in much... but it is something. After work today I drove home, its only about 3-4 miles from my work to my parents house, and yet because it is LA, it took me 40 minutes to get there... Traffic is the worst, it is something I had completely forgotten about. On the other hand, I went snowboarding yesterday 100 feet away from my house, set up a rail and some AstroTurf. Today I paddled out with my old band-mates Aaron and Johnny and had a lot of fun. I am enjoying every minute and day hanging out with all of my old friends, catching up with them, seeing my family, and of coarse being in the sun, something that rarely occurs in the northwest. I plan on surfing every day, even when I have work, skating to the beach to surf, and running 2 miles every day to keep myself in shape. Should be a good time down in so cal.

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