Monday, September 27, 2010


I have gone through my share of stuff that has put my life in a strange spiral the last month. Who hasn't? Well the last few events I have gone through have scared me and made me realize a few things. These things being that people.. no matter who they are will find some way to disappoint you, life is full of change, mistakes, and surprises, they are usually for the better, but you have to just go with it, and sure you can be scared of the unknown future, I am I can get scared of it sometimes. However due to a close friend who has made me realize that I am a 22 year old adventurous and fun loving kid, why worry. I got another 20 or more years of growing and learning.

Life is about learning who you are, and who you want to be... and taking the steps to get to the better person.
I do not know what changed that made me forget that... but people are generally assholes, hypocrites, d-bags, fuck ups, failures, and dont give a flying shit about you. Life is about finding the few good people that do care about you and letting them care for you no matter what. And make sure they know it... even if they one day crush you... cuz if you get crushed it only makes you a better person to rise up from the wreckage as a stronger better person.

Live life be Happy... Fuck the assholes they can be unhappy in their own personal life.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Too much Technology for Dumb ppl.

This happened a week and a half ago and this guy is pretty much FUCKED! Military Choppers practice in Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe, and almost lost the Helicopter at the bottle of Emerald Bay. Luckily he is a talented pilot.

back to the boneyard!

dollar dollar bill yalll

Back To The Boneyard from The Bang Show on Vimeo.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Convinced I'm Wrong.

Don't try and sound right, just hope your honest
Trust you'll end up somewhere
That girl that made you promise
she says "try not to care"
I don't know if I'm good, and everyone knows it
You ever feel you were meant to be alone?
Because I saw a play and and a character said
that he was destined to never feel at home
Don't go tonight, I'm looking for salt in a snow globe
Because what I had is slipping fast.
Dr. Howe, Please call back
I'm not sleeping in, I don't care
I'm singing loud but no one hears
I'll wake up tomorrow and still feel wrong for these days
What I had is slipping fast
Dr. Howe Please call me back.
What good am I to anyone like this?
It's been a hard couple months I'll admit
After tonight I'm not so convinced that I'm wrong
I feel at ease with my lows, and I'll take it.
Lord knows I'll take it.
Tonight they're explainable, far from extraneous.
Always expectant
I seldom discover or turn flaws into questions.
Great questions of the times.
I guess I'm an artist who's confines brought him luck
choked by second guessing
I know that's not enough

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Happy Thoughts! WHAT ELSE IS THERE?

Happy Thoughts (Full Movie) from bHappyFilms on Vimeo.

best bhappy movie to date... (i know there are only two) everyone threw down and im stoked for them!