Friday, June 12, 2009

SIA 09 - The People, Products, and Good Times

In January 2009, we headed over to the world famous, Las Vegas, for SIA 09. For those of you that do not know, SIA, is a trade show that takes place every year to display all the worlds best brand products for next year. It's a great place to network and party. Here are a few products and brands that stood out to me, and some fun pictures from our time in Vegas. I lost my Sim card that had all the other brands, so basically... there are very very few brands, but gotta work with them ok.

This guy who we came to know as Crazy Steve, randomly wanted to marry Justin to Sam and me to Ashley... This guy was literally high on Meth during this time and was not on the planet. CRAZY

K2 Snowboarding 09/10:

Brand new Slayblade, Jibpan, and Parkstar

Believer which now comes with Flat Line Tech.

Jibpan which now comes in Reverse Camber

Darkstar Wide, and Darkstar

WWW and WWW wide(new)


The Brand New Slayblade, which has Flatline Technology (No Camber)

Turbo Dream

Darko Access Boot


Nitro Snowboards 09/10:

Subpop, Swindle, T1


Subpop Base

Omatic Snowboards 09/10:

The Celebrity, and The Sweet

This is the same idea as Battalion's triple base technology

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