Saturday, June 6, 2009

Music Review : The Chariot "Wars and Rumors of Wars"

Rating: 8.5/10

Track Listing:
5.Never I
10.Mrs. Montegomery Alabama III

This Cd being the bands fourth release is flawless. When they had another almost complete line up change, still only having Josh as the original member, and Kasey Wolf who was a member while writing and recording "The Fiance," lets just say... I had low expectations for this album. I figured 3 new members would have changed the band sound and feel. Well it didn't change the band or the sound, but it did however make them better at writing. This album is full from the beginning to the end. Still having some of their older style from "Everything is Alive, Everything is Breathing, Nothing is Dead, Nothing is Dying" It is almost as dirty as their first full length, which is impressive considering that that album was live tracked and this album was not. The other great thing I love about this album is every song has its own unique outtro and or middle section where you believe the song is over, and it sounds like two very different songs in one.

1.)Teach- A great way to start off an album. This song gives a perfect example of how the album flows; fast, slow, fast, trashy. Teach just does not stop!
2.)Evolve- Fast! This song's progression is unbelievable, punkers would love this song if the lyrics were about anarchy. Speaking of the lyrics - Incredible! The transition halfway through is one of the best, and goes into outtro.
3.)Need- This song is another fast thrasher, at first it sounds a little too much like Evolve, but quickly you can tell a difference, when the re verb hits and you think the song is over, but it comes back in heavy.
4.)Impress- My favorite song on this album, fast and groovy, the outtro is my favorite part, just a groovy fast jam with a simple note being played over the riff.
5.) Never I - Another amazingly well rounded song, really catchy, which is a shocker for The Chariot. This is a perfect example of the growth in the bands writing, and the end of this song reminds me a lot of Jakes drumming.
6.)Giveth - One of the strongest songs. It's got more groove than usual and is another catchy song! this songs ender reminds me a lot of "Then Came To Kill" off The Finance.
7.)Abandon - I did not expect this song at all. Dirty southern sound that sounds like it would have been on Norma Jeans "Kiss the Child and Bless the Martyr" Slow and Heavy, then jumps into a fast thrash beat to be the ender.
8.)Daggers - By far the best song on the album, so well written, and is the single, this song has everything you could want plus more in a song.
9.)Oversea - The Shortest song but it gets the job done.
10.)Mrs. Montgomery Alabama III- Best lyrics and another amazingly well written song. This song is the longest and actually repeats a few parts.

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