Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas FOOL

This past week has been a real rough roller coaster ride. I lost the best friend I could and will ever have had, I flew down to LA for an early Christmas with the family. I ended up losing over $500.00 in a combination of unfortunate events. I then got sick for an entire day and did not get to spend too much time with my friends or family.

I then flew back to Truckee on Christmas Eve and got back really early, then went over to Keith and Fancy's house for my Christmas eve dinner and had the best night I could have ever had! I was am so grateful for my friends and family to be there when I really need them, and I will never stop being thankful to those of you who helped me.

I then worked all day on Christmas day and went over to Keith and Fancy's house once again for Christmas dinner and had another delightful time. Then since they fell asleep by 9 PM, I decided I would swing by Johnny's house for his ugly sweater party, and had yet another great time! Here are some pictures of me being sober and silly.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Holiday's

I am in LA, my home city for a few days right before Christmas, and holy shit I forgot about this city. Minus my Family and few people that I consider "Actual" friends in this environment I absolutely despise this place. Do not get me wrong, I LOVE seeing my family, my three dogs, and a few of my friends that actually are my friends, but this place is depressing. I know remember why I got the fuck out of this place, and why I will never come back longer than a week.

On the bright side... Merry Christmas to my friends and family down here!

To all my friends and family that mean the world to me. This Christmas I will not be able to get anyone gifts for this holiday. With this economy, a few bad investments, and a horrible bank system, I am dead out of money. I am relying on close friends and and family members to help me get through this tough time I am currently in. Since I am not able to devote any money towards the people that mean so much, I have decided that for this holiday I am going to make somthing special for each one of you, all I ask is that you can send me 25 cents or so, so I can post your own personal letter or drawing in the mail. If you are in Truckee I will be glad to give you yours on Christmas. If you live in Torrance please give me a stamp and your address.

Again have a very very MERRY CHRISTMAS, I love and Miss you all!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

When Death looks you in your eyes... Can you tell him you did everything you wanted to in this life? STOP TRYING TO CONTROL EVERYTHING AND JUST LET GO! JUST LET GO! You and I are not numbers... just let go and embrace your life and friendship.

1. try something new each day
2. meet someone new each day
3. see something new each day
4. learn something new each day
5. DO SOMETHING YOU WANT DO DO... each fucking DAY

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Keith made a Boreal Edit

Boreal With Aussies

Some mutual friends that Kari and I met in Greece decided to come visit us in Truckee. With them being natural surfers, we decided to take them snowboarding. The only resort that was open was Boreal. By the end of their first day they were carving and bombing from the top of the hill!

Aussie Boreal Intro from dwesleymann on Vimeo.

Aussie Number 1. Watch Out! from dwesleymann on Vimeo.

"That's how you bomb a hill, real shit." from dwesleymann on Vimeo.

Gringo Slaying Children from dwesleymann on Vimeo.