Monday, April 27, 2009


Is music making a comeback?
After hearing half of the new The Chariot albums "Wars and Rumors of Wars". I must say I don't think I have been this excited about an album in probably two years. To me all the music that is coming out and all the music on my ipod just blend together. Even though The Chariot has always been my favorite hardcore band, mainly for always doing something different, and their INSANE live shows, you cannot always listen to the same 12 songs over and over again. I usually find a CD i like such as all of old Chariot and i listen to it straight until I am burnt out on it. So I AM VERY STOKED that I can now listen to a new version of it. Reviews of this CD have given it a 4/5 and a 8 out of 10. Saying that the CD has throughly progressed much in song writing and transitions. Which I dont think is a good thing, because the Chariot was never about flow and transitions, they were about killing it and being soo fucking gnarly and dirty. The 4 songs I have heard have got me very excited, its more of an oldschool SUPPER FAST DIRTY PUNK album with dissoence chords. Even though the band has gone through an enormous amount of changes and members coming and going OVER AND OVER again, they have always maintained what Josh Scogin had set out to be. Josh being the only original member of The Chariot, keeps bringing the brutal dirty reliogous music.


check out the chariots new album dropping MAY 5TH!

Catherine also has a new cd coming out tomorrow 4/28/09
This cd however being a decent hardcore album, does nothing for me.
To me its a replication of The Naturals, in which I liked very much, but i am not down for replications, if I wanted to hear another 12 songs of somthing I have heard before, I would just listen to 12 songs I have heard before, and that I can sing a long too.
Catherine in my opioion is another generic hardcore band that got signed too early, and the kids are too young to really know that they should be doing somthing different. However that is the music scene now a days. However I will state this... It toke me over a year to enjoy The Naturals. So maybe this album will eventually grow on me.
Give it a listen

Finally The Devil Wears Prada

Also having a Cd come out on May 5th. This is another CD i am stoked on. I have only heard two songs, one to me is a replication of plagues with a little more song structure, and a little more balanced between chours and versus. The second song blew me out of the water, I did not expect it from them. They are saying it is a completely new and different album then anything they have done before, and that is going to be much more structured.
I am excited to hear what these guys can do for their Junior album.
check them out

Saturday, April 11, 2009

City and Colour Review

As my CD/music collection keeps getting more immense, I will start reviewing newer CD's I get as I receive them, and also I will throw up some good old ones of mine just for shit's and giggles. Music has always been my muse, and when I start talking about music that has effected my life, or a CD that i believe is pure genius I want the world to know, and I will go on rants about it so here we go!

City and Colour:
If you have not heard of this wonderful band from the depths of Dallis Green (former Alexisonfire vocalist) then I must say you are missing out! This has been one of my favorite bands since my buddy Aaron introduced me to them over a year ago. And Dallis has an EPIC ASS BEARD!

- Style of music : Folk/accoustic

-Number of CD's Released : 2. Sometimes, and Bring Me Your Love
I tend to favor Sometimes more over the more recent Bring Me Your Love. Both of the CD's have great singles and Hits, but Sometimes is a little more subdued and a little less emotional.

- Track Listing:
1...Off by Heart
2.Like Knives
3.Hello, I'm Delaware
4.Save your Scissors
5.In the Water I am Beautiful
6.Day Old Hate
7.Sam Malone
8.Comin' Home
9.Casey's Song
10.Sometimes (I Wish)

- Tracks that stand out:
1. ...Off by Heart : This song would be my favorite if it was a tad longer, I constantly want to hit repeat on this song.
3.Hello, I'm Delaware : Beautiful song, I could listen to this song for a month straight and still be in love with it.
8.Comin' Home : This song is about traveling the world! Has to be the Best song on this album!

-Tracks that do NOT stand out:
5.In the Water I am Beautiful : I have tried, I cannot get into this, I guess it is the one downer song on this album.
6.Day Old Hate : It is another downer I guess. The rhythm is werid to me, and the lyrics do not do it for me.

Overall Rating (1-10): 7

-Track Listing:
1.Forgive Me
3.The Death of Me
4.Body in a Box
5.Sleeping Sickness
6.What Makes a Man?
8.Constant Knot
9.Against the Grain
10.The Girl
11.Sensible Heart
12.As Much as I ever could

-Tracks that stand out:
4.Body in a Box- Upbeat folk song, that really touches home about life and death.
5.Sleeping Sickness - I enjoy this song, mainly because I could never sleep.
7.Waiting... - The Single off this album. "We're all just waiting to die". Need I say more?
10. The Girl- Love song
11.Sensible Heart- My personal favorite. "I am not king, I wear no crown".

-Tracks that do NOT stand out:
1. Forgive Me = i like the first 10 seconds, a little experimental with the footsteps and tuning of guitar, but other than that its just a short intro song that does not get you pumped for the cd. however it is very catchy.
8. Constant Knot = Never liked the rhythm of the song, however the first line of the lyrics are INCREDIBLE.

-Overall Rating: 7.5

Summer Shred House

So with the 08/09 season coming to a hault at northstar and for most resorts in the Lake Tahoe area, I decided to pack up and head up north to Oregon!
I got a house in Welches Or. Welches is a VERY VERY small town that lies about 25 min south of Mt. Hood Or. For those of you who don't know, Mt. Hood is a glacier and is open YEAR ROUND!
I have visited Mt. Hood twice before, both times I went it snowed. Once in July it snowed 2 inch's. The other trip in August it snowed 4 inch's. I am moving up there May 7th from Tahoe to Welches with some of my very very good friends. Its gonna be a party!!!
I mean cman? What is better than summer snowboarding, good friends, BBQ's, hot tubes, Lake trips, camping and DIRT ASS CHEAP RENT?
Also with Kari being over in Europe for the next 6 months I decided I couldn't wait until September to see her. I booked a cheap ticket to Athens Greece! I am going to meet her there May 21st and go to Ios, the island of parties, apparently. Life is good and I am excited for EVERYTHING i have coming around the corner.
Besides that, if you want to come crash at my place, hit me up!!!