Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Last Day In Oregon

Today was my last day in Oregon... So instead of packing all day, I decided to go Hiking with all the roomies and set up a few features, since I cannot afford a season pass. We had WAY too much fun, and I learned a few tricks. Unfortunately Jo sucks at taking pictures!!! GAH JO!!! We set up a down corrigated barrel with a lip on both sides and a lip in the middle - people were throwing down! When then set up a pole jam that had a decent landing - super gnar! Adrianne was throwing down front ones. to fakie nose taps, to front ones out! And Andrew was throwing One footer Taps onto the pole jam - LEGIT! Then Max and and Derek set up a BOOOSTER jump that was practically vertical, and had fun spinning to win off that! Here are some Photos!

well her are some of the pics

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Writing a Book

I decided I am going to write a book. I decided this when I was not able to sleep last night, and I have already completed the first chapter. This book will be entitled: "How to Get Yourself into Debt; A Sacarstic and Positive Guide to Help You Lose All Your Money." As the name applies... it is a first hand guide book to help you get into debt. Since I have experienced it first hand, I figured I might as well get something good out of my debt.

I'll keep you posted on it.

I will leave you with these


Tuesday, June 16, 2009


-"I never finish... its how I stay straightedge" - Johnny talking about sex and still being edge. July 1st.

-[1:15:57 AM] Jeff McCosker: road trip anywhere fuck planes
[1:16:21 AM] Jeff McCosker: those take like 10 minutes to crash... cars only take .5 seconds

-"Snap Crackle and Adriannes's Ass!!!" After I slapped Adrianne's ass so hard the only sound it made was "POPPPPPP" - June 16th/09

-"David you should get your tubes tied... that way you don't bleed out through your penis." - Adrianne talking about my Manngina! - June 17th/09

-"Hey David are you going to dye your mustache anytime soon?(Adrianne) I Don't know should I? "(Me) Yea you should, I can see your frotch hairs coming out of your face."(Jo) - 6/17/09 For those of you that don't know... a frotch = A Fire Crotch (Ginger)

-"Who drinks a gallon of juice? I mean he would shit himself." Max Referring to a juice commercial. 6/19/09

-"Dude it rains here in Oregon, more than I cry!"? (David) -6/20/09

-"I will punch Mangina in the mangina" (Jo) - 6/24/09

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sitting in the Back of Cop Cars, Basketball, Dogs, and Airports

Today was the last day of the spring pass riding at Timberline Lodge at Mt. Hood, which means my last day of the season. I rode the half pipe all day, got some sweet shots, and it was a great season ender. 100 days of riding in my 08/09 season, not bad. After shredding Max, Jo, and I headed up to Govy with our new house puppy... Ziggy. We ended up playing a couple games of Basketball, Horse, and Around the World. Jo and I played the first game, and of coarse I won. Then Max challenged me, and he one by two, which made me very sad!

Later that night Jo and I had to drive into Portland to pick up Adrianne from the airport. Her flight landed at 12:30 AM. So we left our house at 11:40 PM, Adrianne's car was on E, so I offered to take my car because it actually had gas. Jo refused and said: "We'll just get gas down the way..." Little did we know that EVERY gas station on Hwy 26 closes at 6 PM! We went a few miles down the way, to find that every gas station also turns off their pumps. Instead of turning back to get my car... we continued on towards Sandy Oregon, which was about 10 miles away from where we were. I estimated we could go about ten miles. Right as the Subaru ran out of gas, we made it to the top of a hill, and I remembered that we were about a mile a way from a gas station just outside of Sandy, Sandy was only about a mile away. We decided to walk to it and get some gas. BAD IDEA! : Midnight... Pitch black... We happened to be wearing ALL BLACK... No lights... In the middle of the woods... In the middle of NO WHERE... No gas tank... No sidewalk... GREAT IDEA!!! We tried to hitch hike, but every car probably thought we were going to kill them, so they never stopped. At one point Jo didn't want to walk on the side of the highway any more so she hoped over the guardrail as I tried to flag down a passing car. As the car came by Jo was very visibly crouched down behind the guardrail because she tripped or something, I could only imagine what the passing by driver thought - "MURDERERS! DON'T STOP!"

Finally we reached the gas station, in which was closed as well... three gas stations had been closed. We figured, if it came down to it we would dig through a dumpster to find a milk carton, or a liter of cola and fill that up with gasoline (VERY BAD IDEA, DO NOT TRY AT HOME). Lucky before we were reduced to that horrible, and I MEAN HORRIBLE idea... a cop pulls into the gas station, and asks "Is that your car back there?" So he gave us a ride into Sandy, where we had to buy not a small two gallon gas tank, but a GIANT 6 gallon one... this thing is the size of my chest... Filled it up, and the cop gave us a ride back to the car. This being my first time ever in a cop car, and Jo's second... this time she had pants on, thank god. Looking back at my cop car experience... all I have to say is the seats were cool!! The entire ride back to the car Jo and I just talked about how cool the seats were, even though they were horribly uncomfortable. The seats have elbow holes, and a cut out for your hands with hand cuffs.


As I was filling up the car with the gas I said: "I need the light to find the hole... That's not the first time I've said that..."

After we filled up the car and were finally driving to the airport, and we decided to listen to some happy music, so Jo started to bump "What Is Love? Baby Don't Hurt me... No more..." Jo said: "OREGON!!! Your not boring tonight MOTHERFUCKA!!!!" - Referring to the town Boring Oregon.

Finally we got Adrianne, and we are all stoked to have her back in the house!!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Is This Really What Music Has Become?

I ask you this... "Is This Really What Music Has Become?" Mediocrity, Imitation, and the same shit over and over again? Don't get me wrong, I love music, and I love most of these mediocre bands that I am talking about, but it is just getting TOO ridiculous! I was in the typical highschool band when I was younger, we were a band for about 3 years. I believe and so does the rest of the band, that we were doing something different then the rest of the generic hardcore/screamo bands. But when I actually looked at the band, and the music scene, I saw something I hated... hence why I left the band and moved to Lake Tahoe. Anyway going back to the original reason why I started this rant/blog... I came across one of the worst ideas in the music scene that I have seen in a while. I came across one of my favorite bands myspace, who I discovered, they had done a cover of a cover! This really irritates me because, I know that they only did this to get a catchy song under their belt, and to achieve more fans. Music should be the last thing that worries about getting fans. Music to me is straight from the heart, and it means something deeply to the artist playing it, regardless of if a record label, or a bunch of scene kids like it. Anyway I doubt that Confide (The band that made this horrible cover) even knows who Iron and Wine is. I am sure all of you know who The Postal Service is... and mainly you know who they are because they did the cover of Iron and Wine's Such Great Heights. The fact that Confide did a cover of The Postal Service's cover of Such Great Heights, just infuriates me, and again, Don't get me wrong, I love confide, and I love the guys in the band, they are rad dudes, but REALLY????? This is exactly why I no longer want to use my musical passion and talent, because the music scene is RIDICULOUS! WHERES THE RESPECT FOR THE ORIGINAL ARTIST... COVER THE ORIGINAL SONG, NOT A COVER OF A COVER!!!!
AHHHHH this is music we are talking about people, not a way to make money!

Here you go... see for yourself...

give it a listen... and let me know what you think

Friday, June 12, 2009

SIA 09 - The People, Products, and Good Times

In January 2009, we headed over to the world famous, Las Vegas, for SIA 09. For those of you that do not know, SIA, is a trade show that takes place every year to display all the worlds best brand products for next year. It's a great place to network and party. Here are a few products and brands that stood out to me, and some fun pictures from our time in Vegas. I lost my Sim card that had all the other brands, so basically... there are very very few brands, but gotta work with them ok.

This guy who we came to know as Crazy Steve, randomly wanted to marry Justin to Sam and me to Ashley... This guy was literally high on Meth during this time and was not on the planet. CRAZY

K2 Snowboarding 09/10:

Brand new Slayblade, Jibpan, and Parkstar

Believer which now comes with Flat Line Tech.

Jibpan which now comes in Reverse Camber

Darkstar Wide, and Darkstar

WWW and WWW wide(new)


The Brand New Slayblade, which has Flatline Technology (No Camber)

Turbo Dream

Darko Access Boot


Nitro Snowboards 09/10:

Subpop, Swindle, T1


Subpop Base

Omatic Snowboards 09/10:

The Celebrity, and The Sweet

This is the same idea as Battalion's triple base technology