Saturday, June 13, 2009

Is This Really What Music Has Become?

I ask you this... "Is This Really What Music Has Become?" Mediocrity, Imitation, and the same shit over and over again? Don't get me wrong, I love music, and I love most of these mediocre bands that I am talking about, but it is just getting TOO ridiculous! I was in the typical highschool band when I was younger, we were a band for about 3 years. I believe and so does the rest of the band, that we were doing something different then the rest of the generic hardcore/screamo bands. But when I actually looked at the band, and the music scene, I saw something I hated... hence why I left the band and moved to Lake Tahoe. Anyway going back to the original reason why I started this rant/blog... I came across one of the worst ideas in the music scene that I have seen in a while. I came across one of my favorite bands myspace, who I discovered, they had done a cover of a cover! This really irritates me because, I know that they only did this to get a catchy song under their belt, and to achieve more fans. Music should be the last thing that worries about getting fans. Music to me is straight from the heart, and it means something deeply to the artist playing it, regardless of if a record label, or a bunch of scene kids like it. Anyway I doubt that Confide (The band that made this horrible cover) even knows who Iron and Wine is. I am sure all of you know who The Postal Service is... and mainly you know who they are because they did the cover of Iron and Wine's Such Great Heights. The fact that Confide did a cover of The Postal Service's cover of Such Great Heights, just infuriates me, and again, Don't get me wrong, I love confide, and I love the guys in the band, they are rad dudes, but REALLY????? This is exactly why I no longer want to use my musical passion and talent, because the music scene is RIDICULOUS! WHERES THE RESPECT FOR THE ORIGINAL ARTIST... COVER THE ORIGINAL SONG, NOT A COVER OF A COVER!!!!
AHHHHH this is music we are talking about people, not a way to make money!

Here you go... see for yourself...

give it a listen... and let me know what you think


  1. you're fucking retarded and i should slap you... you are the last person that has any right to be a critic

  2. get over it pussy!

  3. honestly tho covers of covers are soooo overplayed i mean really who covers a cover common guys

  4. you can take the MANN out of the music,
    but you can't take the music out of the MANN.