Tuesday, June 16, 2009


-"I never finish... its how I stay straightedge" - Johnny talking about sex and still being edge. July 1st.

-[1:15:57 AM] Jeff McCosker: road trip anywhere fuck planes
[1:16:21 AM] Jeff McCosker: those take like 10 minutes to crash... cars only take .5 seconds

-"Snap Crackle and Adriannes's Ass!!!" After I slapped Adrianne's ass so hard the only sound it made was "POPPPPPP" - June 16th/09

-"David you should get your tubes tied... that way you don't bleed out through your penis." - Adrianne talking about my Manngina! - June 17th/09

-"Hey David are you going to dye your mustache anytime soon?(Adrianne) I Don't know should I? "(Me) Yea you should, I can see your frotch hairs coming out of your face."(Jo) - 6/17/09 For those of you that don't know... a frotch = A Fire Crotch (Ginger)

-"Who drinks a gallon of juice? I mean he would shit himself." Max Referring to a juice commercial. 6/19/09

-"Dude it rains here in Oregon, more than I cry!"? (David) -6/20/09

-"I will punch Mangina in the mangina" (Jo) - 6/24/09

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