Monday, April 19, 2010

Northstar Retail Employee Party

So a few weeks ago we had a end of the season employee party for all of the retail shops at Northstar. The plan was to pick us up in a big school buss drive us to Grand Sierra Resort in Reno and go cart! As if that already isn't amazing enough they decided to provide free alcohol! We all got on the bus and headed for Reno as we were all drinking I thought it to be a good idea to flip everyone off through the bus window! We got down there had some races and I destroyed everyone in my way. Kacey said many times that I was the worst driver there because I was from LA. They then provided pizza for our stomaches to absorb some of the massive amounts of alcohol we consumed. DJ and I found a bar called "Players" in the go cart parking lot so we decided to go in and get a jack and coke. We figured with a name like players it would be a strip club, which I never actually had gone into one so i was pretty excited. We walked in and noticed that it was just a bar with gambling. We felt very unwelcome because of the way we looked and watched many Reno locals stare us down and give us looks of death. We ran out of our time in Reno and all drunkenly got back on the bus. Cam decided to start playing some Dub Step music over the bus's stereo system and Zach jumped up to start a rave in the bus's isle. I decided to crowd surf the dance party from back to front, and we drove around each Truckee round about more than 5 times each with each of us falling and screaming!

Dj's game face...

Dana can't handle the stress.

Sonia is very calm before racing...

Blurred vision due to high speeds.

Beer, Pizza, Go carts and Friends FUck ya

Metal Guy!

Gabe was walking for the go cart and Kirby swooped the starting position car from him.

On the way home I decided to Crowd surf the Bus

Monday, April 5, 2010

My Latest Obsession...

Two Gallants - wish I would have found out about them 5 months ago... would have helped me a ton.

And I’m a go make my bed
Tuck in the other side
These confessions are mine
But I’ll not claim a word

This restless parade
Yes I watched it go by
Through the cracks in my palm
Seen them all gone
Some sequence of lives

Well she calls out alone
With the pain in her voice
It’s the wound of betrayal
It’s the weapon of choice

Left her heart on display
Though that she’ll deny
Two tattoos of skin
One of ice one of tin
For the days have gone by

But I ain’t one to reminisce
But close my heart and clench my fists

Now the days swiftly pass
With the chest full of fear
Here the minutes are hours
But the moments are years

And old acquaintances passed
In trios, in pairs
And if they stay or they go
One struggles to know
One struggles to care

But out beyond the Ten Tree walls
The wind blows hard the highway crawls

And if you should pass the James Hotel
Please stop in for I knew you well
But that was oh so long ago
And I never learned how to let go

But when you fear your own faults
And you’re sick of this life
When you’re reckless of hand
And trembling the knife
And all your doors prefer locks
And your death prefers spoons
Why wouldn’t you wait one last laugh at fate
Forever’s too soon

But across the field death bell knells
Listen close hear the toll tell

To run and tell my darling true
My breath is short
My days are few
So please come down
And take my hand
My last demand

And lead me to some slender rest
And please dismiss what I confess

Check them out... Some Slender Rest