Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Traffic is always creeping, even when the population is sleeping

Death Cab said it right...

I am in LA visiting my family and friends for the next few days. It has been really amazing seeing all of my family!

My new born niece; Quinn! She is sooo cute!
and also to see Elianna, my other niece.

I flew in today from Reno into LAX. It was literally the best flight I have EVER had! In a BRAND NEW plane, that was painted lime green (my fav. color) but no one sat next to me! Also there was not a single screaming child on the plane.. Isn't it a law that there has to be one screaming child on a flight, and you always have to sit next to the rudest and fattest person on the flight?

When I landed in LA I was picked up by my wonderful mother and then taken to get my rental car for the weekend. I found out not only was I taller than the car, but if I lay down flat I AM LONGER THAN THE CAR! talk about a CLOWN CAR! HAHA. Went out to Panera Bread with my mom and took some to my sisters house to eat it and meet my niece!

Then I decided to go surfing with my old bud Carl and Derek. The waves sucked ass, super ripped and super walled, but it was nice to get out into the ocean!

Now going out to The Olive Garden with my entire family and then going to drive to Big Bear tomorrow for some so cal shred!

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