Sunday, February 21, 2010

Douche Bag Hunting! # 1

Today I had another revolutionary great idea! This idea was born due to a dbag. Hence the new hunting = Douche bag hunting. Same idea as gaper hunting but with douche bag's. Yes most gapers are douche bags but this hunt is for the ultimate douche.

Yesterday a customer blamed me for his fart while I was ringing him up for a simple bandanna. As I was ringing him up I smelt an awful smell! I immediately knew that this man farted. I decided to ignore the horrible deadly smell out of respect for him, BAD IDEA! He decided to walk away about 5 feet and blame me for his flatulence. I was stumped because he was making a scene in front of everyone in the store. DOUCHEBAG number one!!

Today as I was talking to an old classmate answering some questions about the the store, her boyfriend walks in does a few double takes on me and gives me a mean stare down. He then introduced himself. "Hey my name is (generic tool name)... This is MY GIRLFRIEND." Well found Douchebag number 2!


1 comment:

  1. haha i do this one too!!!!!!! disney land is full of them so i always have my camera ready lol.