Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day Four - LA

Another BEAUTIFUL day in my home city.
Saw even more of my family, great time! had lunch at my Mother and Father in laws house.
Then I read the newspaper and read about the earthquake in Chile. So I decided to go check out the waves to see if it had a big impact on them = indeed it did!
At Ave H. the waves were double over head (12 feet). The sets were even bigger! I would have paddled out if it hadn't rained the day prior, and if it wasn't walled up.

If you dont know... when it rains in SoCal, the sewage runs out into the water, so when it rains... everything on the streets goes straight out into the ocean due to the running water. So if you surf during a storm you need to have many many shots to prevent getting disease's. I decided not to get one so I did not paddle out.

Went to Hag's and Lunada Bay just to see how the waves were - INSANE! But no one was out so there for they must have not been that great!

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