Monday, February 15, 2010

Gaper Hunt # 1

So with today being Presidents Day, and it being one of the most crowded weekends at Northstar, I was just walking to work and People Watching, and I saw a giant gaper, and an amazing idea just clicked in my head.

- I am going to start a gaper hunt! Each day I will hunt for the gapiest of all gapers at Northstar, and snap a picture for proof.

I will have numerous installments of Gaper Hunting!

Since I am so late in the season and have already seen sooo many gapers already this year, I will post photos that I have taken from the beginning of the season until now!

-I saw this guy a few weeks ago, bright and early! The best part about this guy was his NEON orange helmet that had a Giant Smiley face on the back of it! Made my day

-This guy I saw today bright and early! He was Practically sprinting through the village! I really wish there was a guy in a Lion costume running with him.

This kids obviously isnt a gaper, but when I saw this kid walk by BBOX today I had to run out and snap a shot. This kid is maybe 5 or 6 and he is wearing a jacket that would fit my skinny ass!

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