Saturday, February 27, 2010

"I am not an old fart... I produce new farts daily." LA Day # 3

Today was another awesome day!
Last night I went over to hang out with some old friends and play some beer pong, smoke some hookah, and play some street fighter. IT WAS PRETTY RAD! saw some really old friends, I have not seen since highschool graduation!

Today my parents woke me from a slumber to take me out to breakfast. We then went to Farmers Market where it was dumping rain, and there was a man playing steel drums, if I had a cup of coffee with me.. I would have danced, but my mental state was not there yet.

Sammy then joined me at my house and we went to Panera Bread ONCE AGAIN! (I am eating there as much as possible while I can!) After lunch we went to Del Amo mall to get me some jeans. Had a great time , saw EVEN more old friends and caught up.

Then went out to dinner at Black Angus with my family. My aunt and uncle decided to drive in from Arizona for the dedication tomorrow so got to catch up with them and watch them get a little drunk off a bottle of wine.

Then spent the few remaining hours at my sisters house playing with my super cute niece's! IT WAS A FUCKING GREAT DAY!

Fat Fred is a pervert!
I went to Andrews last night and found his cat... His cat is awesome... but this is obvious.

This cat is SOOOO FAT. My side literally split in half when I saw him, just from laughing.

I was walking through the mall and found out how some families are dealing with this economy. Instead of dropping the money on a stroller, why not use a shopping cart?
(Look at the baby's confused face just staring at me...)

In Urban outfitters I found many wonderful books. This is a page from one of them. The book was entitled "Drunk People Say Things." I like this book. Please on my next Birthday (July 8th) Please buy me this book! This is a picture of the page because I read it and LOVED IT!!

Here is another page from a book I found in UO. It was called "Constructive Cursing" I don't want this book... I NEED IT! you can flip both sides of the note cards to match them up with different curse words. Needless to say, I spent about 15 minutes doing this by myself, laughing very creepily to myself in the center of the store while Sammy just sat and read books.

Why Not?

This pretty much sums up everything...

If you give me something that is perverted and can describe a penis... why the hell would I not stick it by my crouch and take a picture? Isn't that obviously my style?

In Beyound the Beach, Sammy found these AWESOME purple jeans on sale for $15 bucks! I fucking LOVED THEM, but I could not afford them, so I made her try them on...

Awesome Green ones ...

Ellianna and Heather playing with beanies...

Mother and daughter

This picture is really blurry - sorry. But it is awesome cuz Elli decided to snag Quinn's passy and just suck on it.. This is a battle photo.

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