Sunday, May 3, 2009

Music Review: The Devil Wears Prada, Catherine

I posted my last post about a week ago, about what my thoughts were going to be on the new upcoming Devil Wears Prada Release "With Roots Above, and Branches Below" I had only heard two songs and I predicted it would be a good one. When it came out i got a hold of it and gave it a listen. At first listen, i was a little amazed on how heavy it was. I did not believe these boys had it in them to be this heavy. This CD is another step forward for these boys, however it is no Dear Love: A Beautiful Dischord, in which i still believe is their best album. With most of their fans not liking their sophmore album - "Plauges" this is a good album for you. It is a combination of just pure heavy with a little bit of electronica like their freshman album. I find this album as a pretty darn good album, however after about the sixth song, it all starts to blend into one common sound, which is a generic metalcore album.

Overall Rating : 6 out of 10.

Track Listing :
2.I Hate Buffering
3.Assistant to Regional Manager
4.Dez Moines
5.Big Wiggy Style
7.Ben Has a Kid
9.Gimme Half
10.Louder than Thunder
11.Lord Xenu

Downside to this Cd - Generic Hardcore/Metalcore album, some songs just blend together.
Tracks that stand out:
1.Sassafras - This is a way to start off an album. Pretty heavy, catchy and intense.
2.Assistant to Regional Manager -
5.Big Wiggy Style - The intro to this song is amazing. Heavy Heavy Heavy! this song reminds me of Dear Love.

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