Friday, May 22, 2009

Ten Things I Hate About Flying

1.Crying Babies!
2.Jet lag
3.Being called an asshole for having to pee
4.Getting elbowed by the dude next to you
5.Sitting in an airport for 10 hours waiting for your layover to end.
6.Sitting down for like 3-10 hours straight
7.Small seats
8.The person next to you leaning on you because they are so big...
9.Airplane food

I am in Greece finally, in the past three days I have still only acquired about 3 hours of sleep IF THAT! It is nice to be in warm weather for once, it is a welcome change after spending the beginning of my summer in snow and rain... and when it was sunny it was no where warm enough to go swimming anyway, so I am very excited to head over to the island of IOS tonight, where I probably wont get much sleep because we will be sleeping on the streets tonight... However, bright side... I get to go swimming tomorrow!!! YAY!!

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