Monday, April 27, 2009


Is music making a comeback?
After hearing half of the new The Chariot albums "Wars and Rumors of Wars". I must say I don't think I have been this excited about an album in probably two years. To me all the music that is coming out and all the music on my ipod just blend together. Even though The Chariot has always been my favorite hardcore band, mainly for always doing something different, and their INSANE live shows, you cannot always listen to the same 12 songs over and over again. I usually find a CD i like such as all of old Chariot and i listen to it straight until I am burnt out on it. So I AM VERY STOKED that I can now listen to a new version of it. Reviews of this CD have given it a 4/5 and a 8 out of 10. Saying that the CD has throughly progressed much in song writing and transitions. Which I dont think is a good thing, because the Chariot was never about flow and transitions, they were about killing it and being soo fucking gnarly and dirty. The 4 songs I have heard have got me very excited, its more of an oldschool SUPPER FAST DIRTY PUNK album with dissoence chords. Even though the band has gone through an enormous amount of changes and members coming and going OVER AND OVER again, they have always maintained what Josh Scogin had set out to be. Josh being the only original member of The Chariot, keeps bringing the brutal dirty reliogous music.


check out the chariots new album dropping MAY 5TH!

Catherine also has a new cd coming out tomorrow 4/28/09
This cd however being a decent hardcore album, does nothing for me.
To me its a replication of The Naturals, in which I liked very much, but i am not down for replications, if I wanted to hear another 12 songs of somthing I have heard before, I would just listen to 12 songs I have heard before, and that I can sing a long too.
Catherine in my opioion is another generic hardcore band that got signed too early, and the kids are too young to really know that they should be doing somthing different. However that is the music scene now a days. However I will state this... It toke me over a year to enjoy The Naturals. So maybe this album will eventually grow on me.
Give it a listen

Finally The Devil Wears Prada

Also having a Cd come out on May 5th. This is another CD i am stoked on. I have only heard two songs, one to me is a replication of plagues with a little more song structure, and a little more balanced between chours and versus. The second song blew me out of the water, I did not expect it from them. They are saying it is a completely new and different album then anything they have done before, and that is going to be much more structured.
I am excited to hear what these guys can do for their Junior album.
check them out

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