Saturday, May 30, 2009

IOS - Day # I Don't Even Know...

Ios is amazing... time does not exist here. If it were up to me (I didm't pay rent for the pad back in Oregon) I would stay here for possibly another month. I have been offered a job as a DJ here at a bar.. where back home in the states I am still trying to get one, I am sure that being in Greece isn't helping my chances. However I really do want to get back to Or because I am itching to snowboard, I have been finding myself looking at ruin's in Greece thinking... how that would be a sick feature, or a sick rail/stairset to hit... if only there was snow. Next summer, I plan on coming back to Ios, and spending about a month here working... and spend a few days in Crete.

P.S. INTERNET IN GREECE - IS SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i have HUNDREDS of pictures ill be uploading..


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