Saturday, March 6, 2010


In this world, we as human beings desire to find meaning in everything we do. Whether it is for pride, religion, or for someone else, we struggle to find hope in things, and to find comfort in other things. There are many words that we have created to not only express our feelings, but to define our daily lives.

Home... what do you think of when you hear this word? Usually a comfy bed, family, a place you grew up, or a place you reside currently. However "Home" is just a word.

I have always been happy to have a "home" in the house I grew up in, in the city I grew up in. When I moved up here I moved around A LOT! I've been in crappy living situations, and in the past year and a half have done a whole lot.

It is recently that I have realized I no longer want a home... I do not have a place to sleep or store my belongings. I have many chances of finding a place to do this... and I will eventually, but right now nothing sounds better than throwing my stuff into my car and floating from floor to floor. My reason for doing this is because I have had some horrible roommates, lived in some horrible house's (as in falling a part). My last house especially was not good for me. I feel that I was forced into that house to maintain a friendship which is no longer... Since day one I did not want to be in my last house, I have actually been looking for a new house since I moved in, but none compared to the cheap cost of living.

I will continue to look for a new place to live... but I am not worried about if I find one or not. I will more than likely float until summer time.

Home is just a word, you can find comfort on the streets if needed... which I might.

Thank you to all my friends who have helped me during these past few days and who have offered their floors... I LOVE YOU VERY VERY MUCH!

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