Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Eviction Notice : currently Homeless

If your Dad ever buys you a house in the Tahoe area, and you gain a few friends/roommates in your Fathers house that you consider your very own and claim that at 24 you bought it by yourself... then this is what you should right to your roommates when you cannot grow enough balls to talk to them about how you feel, instead of being a mature adult and trying to talk it out... WRITE THIS and ruin all your friendships :

Dear David,

When I bought my house I knew that I would be in a position to provide rooms to some of my friends for the snowboard season. I also knew that i would be able to do a huge favor for them by asking for minimal rent in return. I also knew that i would be able to provide everything for them, as in a bed, laundry machines, pots and pans, plates, glasses, and silverware, etc. What i was unprepared for was how trying it would be on my psyche. What you may not know is that i have lived alone my entire adult life and have not had a roommate since i was 18. That being said, I have developed many habits and have gotten very used to things being done in a very particular manner. When the opportunity presented itself for me to have rommates this winter i jumped on it, not because i was lonely or couldn't afford to live alone anymore, but rahter because i wanted to have that experience as an adult. I have learned a lot about myself over the months that you have been living here. I have been tried and tested and put into a situation that i have found completely un-enjoyable and one that i do not find comfortable at all. It is a situation where i have to balance being your friend, being a disciplinarian and where i have to to make choices that i know could cause permanent damage to friendships that i would rather not have harmed. It seems to me, from my perspectice at least, that i have to walk very delicately in my own house; that in many cases to keep the peace i have to tread very lightly on many topics and it makes mefeel like a guest in my own house. It is an awkward feeling to walk through the front door of a house that you own and feel like you are a guest. I miss the feeling of permanence that my house gave me before yo moved in, a feeling that i thought no one could ever take away from me. Over the summer, and in the fall before you moved in, my house was my sanctuary: a place I could come to relax to feel completely stress free no matter what was going on outside; it was an incredible feeling and i have lost that.
It is with great regret that i would please ask you to find new residences before this month is over. If you find new places to live before the 12th and all of your stuff is out, you will not have to pay me anything for march. I will only ask you to pay half month if you are out by the 20th and a full months rent if you are here a full month. I am asking you to do this because i fear what will happen to our friendships if i do not. You both are rather important people in my life and I would likefor it to stay that way, and unfortunately those feelings will not stay if you continue to live here. I feel very privileged that i can refer to both of you as great friends and would never want that to change. I have learned a lot about both of you, and mostly myself from this experience and I am very glad that it happened but it cannot continue. Ultimately i want my sanctuary back and the feeling that comes with it. I need to atleast spend some time alone in my house before i can consider having roommates again. I sincerely hope that you do not think less of me after reading this, and that our friendships will remain intact.
I feel terrible about this being a necessity, but unfortunately that is the truth. Let me know how i can help with anything you need.

all the best,


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