Thursday, March 11, 2010

Anatomy Lesson

Today was a day off and I went shredding at the star with Kacey for a few runs before she had work. After that I was riding with basically everyone. Keith, Fancy, Danyale, Brenden, Colton, Durrell, Blake, Xander, Jen, Spence! everyone was out.

After a very long day of snowboarding and having fun, I decided to go pack up all of my belongings and throw them into my car (my new house). In doing so I decided to put my back seats down before Andy even knew I was at the house.

I accidentally slammed my fold down back seats on my right ring finger. I kept it pressed down for a while then realized how much pain I was in, and looked at my finger... I could see my bone... I immediately freaked out and ran into the house screaming. Asked Andy what he thought, and he told me I needed stiches... so I went to the E.R.

I then found out that my finger was FUCKED UP and need 8 stiches...

the doctor scared me twice... by when he cleaned out the wound and started freaking out and yelling for help. So I looked at my finger and saw a pool of blood on the bed and all over the place.

Then he scared me by saying "I hope you know you will probably lose your finger.... nail" What a jerk for pausing that long!

here are some pics

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