Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bay Adventure!

Metric was playing in Oakland on the 24th, so Love, Austin, Kirby, Jello, Kacey, and I decided to venture down to the bay to witness this fine event. On the 24th, Kacey and I woke up early to drive down to Reno to fix my car a little bit. We then met up with Jello and some of his friends to snowboard at Boreal. After that we hit the road and hit traffic a few times on the way down BOOOOO. We got to our hotel which was a very classy maze of a tiny hotel. Kirby and Jellos room had a window that look across the hall into another rooms window - CREEPY.

We all went out to the show at the Fox theatre and got our drunk on! Metric played and was absolutely incredible! talk about hot babes! wooo emily is a hot babe! They played more of their new stuff off fantasies than anything , but they did play Empty, and Dead Disco, and encored with Monster Hospital! YAY. Even though the band was flawless, the crowd sucked. We all felt like we were the only ones in the crowd that had known about Metric prior to the show.

After the show we wanted two things... Beer and Food. So we started asking locals where to go, many told us to go to Radio to get our drunk on even further. So we started walking the streets of Oakland, sketchy ass Oakland. After wandering for a while we decided to stop at a Classy Marriot Hotel and ask for advice. A black security guard told us that we should go to a Chicken and waffles restraunt, how awesomely stereotypical is that?

We continued wandering the streets, saw many many hipsters on their bikes, and soon we almost were ran over by a chollo on his bike, as he almost ran us into the concrete he yells " Get out of the way Faggots!! " so all of us start calling him a fag! Great comeback, I know.

We finally ventured back to the fox, where we found a bar across the street, so decided to grab a beer, soon after the bar closed, so we were back on the streets, we decided to run back to the hotel and call it a night. As we turned on our street where the hotel was we saw RADIO... ironic.... We did not go in...

The next morning woke up bright and early again to move our cars so they would not get towed, found an amazing hole in the wall coffee joint, and drove into San Fran.

This is an awesome car we saw on our way to the bay.

This is a average car that Kacey accidentally took a picture of instead... goob


After the show good and Drunk

Austin and I drunkenly searching for a place to go and get our party on with phone's

This place was acrost the street from the Fox and we all got a kick out of that!

Love and Austin


Then we decided to wander the city of Oakland till we found a party

Oakland is a religious place, surprising

Oaksterdam University... Turns out this place is all about teaching kids how to grow and sell weed - sooo funny that this was right next to a Christian Book store.

We then found this sweet bar that just so happened to be right acrost from the Fox. So bummed.

Drunkenly decided to party in the hallway of our hotel

Kacey was not tall enough to join the party.

The next day we decided to go into San Fran and go to Ashbury and Haight

Ashbury and Haight

Went Thirft store shopping all day.. great findings such as a Giant Velvet Vagina..

Austin getting Classy

Found a 10 legged spider, Thank you to whoever Killed you!

Kacey did not approve

Then we went to the beach WOOO

Kacey had never seen Sand Dollars that were not imported to the East Coast.

Jello throwing stinking sandy sox before the long drive back

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