Saturday, April 11, 2009

City and Colour Review

As my CD/music collection keeps getting more immense, I will start reviewing newer CD's I get as I receive them, and also I will throw up some good old ones of mine just for shit's and giggles. Music has always been my muse, and when I start talking about music that has effected my life, or a CD that i believe is pure genius I want the world to know, and I will go on rants about it so here we go!

City and Colour:
If you have not heard of this wonderful band from the depths of Dallis Green (former Alexisonfire vocalist) then I must say you are missing out! This has been one of my favorite bands since my buddy Aaron introduced me to them over a year ago. And Dallis has an EPIC ASS BEARD!

- Style of music : Folk/accoustic

-Number of CD's Released : 2. Sometimes, and Bring Me Your Love
I tend to favor Sometimes more over the more recent Bring Me Your Love. Both of the CD's have great singles and Hits, but Sometimes is a little more subdued and a little less emotional.

- Track Listing:
1...Off by Heart
2.Like Knives
3.Hello, I'm Delaware
4.Save your Scissors
5.In the Water I am Beautiful
6.Day Old Hate
7.Sam Malone
8.Comin' Home
9.Casey's Song
10.Sometimes (I Wish)

- Tracks that stand out:
1. ...Off by Heart : This song would be my favorite if it was a tad longer, I constantly want to hit repeat on this song.
3.Hello, I'm Delaware : Beautiful song, I could listen to this song for a month straight and still be in love with it.
8.Comin' Home : This song is about traveling the world! Has to be the Best song on this album!

-Tracks that do NOT stand out:
5.In the Water I am Beautiful : I have tried, I cannot get into this, I guess it is the one downer song on this album.
6.Day Old Hate : It is another downer I guess. The rhythm is werid to me, and the lyrics do not do it for me.

Overall Rating (1-10): 7

-Track Listing:
1.Forgive Me
3.The Death of Me
4.Body in a Box
5.Sleeping Sickness
6.What Makes a Man?
8.Constant Knot
9.Against the Grain
10.The Girl
11.Sensible Heart
12.As Much as I ever could

-Tracks that stand out:
4.Body in a Box- Upbeat folk song, that really touches home about life and death.
5.Sleeping Sickness - I enjoy this song, mainly because I could never sleep.
7.Waiting... - The Single off this album. "We're all just waiting to die". Need I say more?
10. The Girl- Love song
11.Sensible Heart- My personal favorite. "I am not king, I wear no crown".

-Tracks that do NOT stand out:
1. Forgive Me = i like the first 10 seconds, a little experimental with the footsteps and tuning of guitar, but other than that its just a short intro song that does not get you pumped for the cd. however it is very catchy.
8. Constant Knot = Never liked the rhythm of the song, however the first line of the lyrics are INCREDIBLE.

-Overall Rating: 7.5

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