Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Evening in Reno

Hahaah! As I sat down to write this, I heard this quote on TV.

"The easiest way to lose something, is to want it too badly."

This quote summed up tonight's events perfectly. Sea Wolf and Phoenix were playing at the Knitting Factory in Reno. I had been offered a few tickets earlier in the month, didn't really take the time to think on it. I figured one ticket would be around for me one way or the other. (I got lazy) This morning everyone at the Box decided we would all venture down to go jam out together. However! We all soon found out it was too late, the show had sold out! BUMMER!

So I cruised down knowing that I would see about 10-15 people I knew and hope that I would be able to go in with them. Basically two hours passed by and still no dice! As I was watching Sea Wolf through the front door, i devised a clever plan to get in! The security guard's had dropped some wristbands. I waited for them to look the other way and kicked them over next to the trash can. When I reached over to pick them up the wind blew it out of my hand, I chased them and picked them up. As soon as I went to walk away, one of the guards came up to me and padded me down like I had a weapon and I was ready to hurt someone. Yelling at me "WHERE IS THE REST OF THEM?" I was then Told very sternly to leave. As I accepted my fate and started the walk of shame, I hear "Yo Tony, get this kid the hell out of here!" I look at Tony and he is a Giant Black man with a shaved head. Easily 4 times my size. I turn around as I leave the alleyway and he is following me to my car, which is 5 blocks away.

Being a little bummed that I could not get into the show I really wanted to see, I decided to go to In N Out.

In short... AMAZING evening! Amazing Burger!!!!!!

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