Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Holiday's

I am in LA, my home city for a few days right before Christmas, and holy shit I forgot about this city. Minus my Family and few people that I consider "Actual" friends in this environment I absolutely despise this place. Do not get me wrong, I LOVE seeing my family, my three dogs, and a few of my friends that actually are my friends, but this place is depressing. I know remember why I got the fuck out of this place, and why I will never come back longer than a week.

On the bright side... Merry Christmas to my friends and family down here!

To all my friends and family that mean the world to me. This Christmas I will not be able to get anyone gifts for this holiday. With this economy, a few bad investments, and a horrible bank system, I am dead out of money. I am relying on close friends and and family members to help me get through this tough time I am currently in. Since I am not able to devote any money towards the people that mean so much, I have decided that for this holiday I am going to make somthing special for each one of you, all I ask is that you can send me 25 cents or so, so I can post your own personal letter or drawing in the mail. If you are in Truckee I will be glad to give you yours on Christmas. If you live in Torrance please give me a stamp and your address.

Again have a very very MERRY CHRISTMAS, I love and Miss you all!

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