Sunday, July 11, 2010

Best Weekend EVER!!!!

It's been a while since I have posted anything. Main reasoning being that I have been busy with summer activities and work. Here are a few of the activities I have done since it has officially been summer here in Tahoe.

This is by far the BEST WEEKEND EVER, and I dont even have photos of half of it!!!

on Friday evening we all met up 10 miles south of I 80 right by Emigrant Gap. We ended up starting a fire, drinking some beers, and BBQing. The next morning I woke up to take Jacki to the 80 so she could go skydiving in Lodi, and I was jealous that I was not going with her to jump out of a perfectly good plane. After that I went back to camp and had breakfast then hiked to the Bear River right by our camp sight and did some cliff jumping and swimming with all the friends. After that we decided to go to Emerald Pools for some more cliff jumping and swimming.

Sunday morning we then went to Boreal for some Summer shred!! Jacki, Tim, Jeff and I got to Boreal and met up with Keith and Fancy to shred and had some awesome FUN. I was riding my board from this season and had a giant core shore and missing part of the edge and it kept catching so I declared it was the last day of the season and snapped it.

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