Monday, May 17, 2010

Bay to Breakers 2010

Lincoln Highschool skate sesh

Casey working to get his new deck together, Dylan eating some KFC and TB

Josh sucks

For Casey's 20th birthday some of the Flop House decided to go down to San Francisco for a few days to skate at some world famous spots, party, and go to Bay to Breakers, which is pretty much the west coast version of Mardi Gras. Needless to say it was EPIC. We left Truckee around 8pm on Friday night. Dylan's mom was gracious enough to let us all sleep there. Dylan, Casey D, Josh, and I were so stoked for the trip. Josh had never been to San Fran in all it's glory.

Got in late due to an accident on the Bay Bridge that engulfed three lanes. Went to a house party on Haight street, and then went to go to sleep. Next morning woke up very early to go skate around the city.. Ended up going to a few famous spots and had a lot of fun.

That night we got a few 40's and went up to the top of a hill top and looks over the entire city, then went out to the Raddest hookah bar I've ever seen. Got a little drunk and then walked back to Dylan's place.

The next day woke up got some coffee and trekked over to bay to breakers starting line. Couldnt find any liquor stores so spent an hour trying to find one. Spent way too much money, bought four 12 packs and a bottle of Jamo and started the walk. Half way through we lost Josh, Johnny, Jena, and Jordan! The rest of the day was spent walking trying to find them all, but none of their phones were charged so it was almost pointless. We walked the entire 7 mile stretch and finally found Jordan. As we started to walk back to Dylan's place we got a call from Josh saying he was down at Sunset with a few Bros he had never met. We hoped on a bus to meet him. We then decided to go find Johnny and go all over the city. Right as we were going to step on a bus johnny called us saying he was at Dylans!

Went back home and slept ALL night. Next morning woke up and spent the day with Lena and Dani on Haight street shopping and drove back in the shitty rain.

Me, Lena, Dani.

Jordan, Dani, Lena and I flipping off Josh cuz he got lost

I kept stealing these giant jugs of water through out the day to stay hydrated..

Josh and I in RVCA

Me trying to make HAMMERED kaylene throw up.

Me, Alison, Jena, and Ryan

Random locals

Ryan, Jena and I

Fuck you...

Taking a break while looking for good old lost josh

Where is Josh, Jordan, Jena, and Johnny?

This float ran us and many other people over more than a handful of times

Who brings children to Bay to Breakers? BAD PARENTING!!


This girl was sooo stoked off her boobs... We were not...

If this isn't gay innuendo I dont know what is..

Jena in all her glory

Found this in a Liquor store... all the tabs were taken...

Great paintjob

Found this in a store window display

Soooo rad!!!

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