Friday, October 9, 2009

The Dali Lama

A passage by the Dali Lame

We can conceive the nature of mind in terms of the water in a lake. When the water is stirred up by a storm, the mud from the lake's bottom clouds it, making it appear opaque. BUT THE NATURE OF THE WATER IS NOT DIRTY. When the storm passes, the mud settles and the water is left clear once again. So although generally we may suppose mind, or consciousness, to be an inherent and unchangeable entity, when we consider it more deeply, we see it consists of a whole spectrum of events and experiences.

This quote is something I always remind myself of whenever I get angry, sad, or go through what I feel is a rough time. We need to remind ourselves, we are ALIVE and that is INCREDIBLE! I always find myself saying I am having a rough day, or that my week sucked. In all honesty, I HAVE IT SO GOOD, MY LIFE IS AMAZING, and I try to remind myself that no matter what I go through.

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