Friday, September 4, 2009


This fine evening, we were talking snowboarding (what else is new? i know we are gay.) Anyway a friend of mine brought up that Forum makes good snowboards... I laughed, then he said that Burton was an awesome company, we all laughed. Then the friend got rather mad saying we were talking shit on Burton (we kinda were... I mean who doesn't?) He then called me out and said "Fuck you David, you ride the Stash at Northstar, and you hate Burton... whats that?" I then said "If you are going to pull that card, I can pull this one... You ride Rome and Nike snowboard boots, that's a contradiction!"

Ended up I got cussed out for saying "I'm not hating on you... I am hating on the company, your aloud to like whatever you want."



  1. get overr it pussy!

  2. Dude im totally pissed off answer your phone your supposed to be in europe at my premiere!

  3. Dumbest post i have ever seen in my life. Go drink your hater-ade. You have no room to hate on what anyone wears in Tahoe cause you dress like a girl from baby gap.